Partnering with rida

At RIDA Group , We believe that long-term strategic supplier relationships are the key to innovation.

We collaborate closely with our supply partners to drive improvement throughout the value chain, support our suppliers in their pursuit of continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Equally , we expect our suppliers to meet the highest standards in terms of quality, ethics and sustainability.

Vendor Registration Form

RIDA Group is a leading  company in Sudan and other African countries. The group is one of the biggest buyers in the region with an excellent record in payment and flexibility.

We are looking for expanding and updating our vendor database for the year 2021. All suppliers who can provide one or more of the tabulated categories hereinunder are encouraged to send the following documents to the email:

The required documents:

  1. Vendor’s registration form (
  2. Business Profile.
  3. Commercial Registration Certificate.
  4. Business License.
  5. List of products and catalogs.
  6. Agency or Distribution Certificate if available.
  7. List of the key customers.
  8. Tax registration number and VAT certificate.
  9. The Income statement and Balance sheet for the past three years.
  10. Quality Certificates if available.
  11. Letter of delegation to the representative person.

you can register directly through the link:

In case of manual documents submission please be advised with our address as following:Building # 22, Block # 19, Kassala road, west of Pepsi crossroad, Alsafia, Bahri, Khartoum, Sudan

The deadline is: 28.02.2021

Power Generators Spare Parts (CAT, Cummins, Perkins) 27 Gold refinery equipment 14 Cars Maintenance 1
Printers and photocopiers cartridge 28 Gold refinery plants 15 Cars maintenance (Toyota and Mitsubishi) 2
Printing and Advertising 29 Heavy Equipment 16 Cement 3
Pumps and Pumping 30 Heavy Equipment Maintenance 17 Construction Material 4
Rocks and tailer transport service 31 Heavy Equipment Spare Parts (Hino, CAT, Astra, Komatsu, Volvo) 18 Cooling and Conditioning 5
Safety tools and equipment 32 I.T 19 Dry Food 6
Stationery 33 Land survey equipment 20 Electrical Material 7
Tailer Hitch Balls 34 Lubricant and Grease 21 Fresh Food in River Nile State 8
Utensil 35 Medical Equipment 22 Fuel 9
Warehouse equipment 36 Office Furniture 23 Fuel Stations Measurement tools 10
Welding 37 Oxygen 24 Gold labs equipment and consumables 11
Workshop Equipment 38 Power Generators 25 Gold mining related services 12
Others 39 Power Generators Maintenance 26 Gold mining related technologies 13

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