Energy Business

Since energy is the most important factor for our business and operations, as part of its strategy to diversify in its business portfolio RIDA entered the energy sector, investing in petroleum products trade to catch with the goring energy market and increasing demand in the region .

RIDA started with petroleum products in Sudan where its been registered as fuel importer, and built a wide network of suppliers and distributors, across the country that will allow us to access almost every large consumer in Sudan while its passing a continuously growing demand for petroleum products.

RIDA is operating in different  African countries, such as Guinea, Eritrea, Morocco and is exploring other potential African counties for the investment natural resources development, with one of the main added values that RIDA brings to its partners is its network of fuel suppliers which helps businesses sustainability in these remote locations.

The range of products for petroleum trade covers GADOIL , LPG , MOGAS , HFO and JET A1.