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Sudan has for years been one of Africa’s top gold producers and has a large landmass with diversified geology. It is mostly found in three different types of geological formations, in Eriab on the Nuba in alluvial deposits along the Nile and finally on alluvial sites in Sudan in quartz vein formations.



With industries expanding globally, copper takes a large part in the economic role.
Copper and its industries contributed to the expansion of industrial labor, as it is used in the automotive, electrical, and electronic tools manufacturers. It has special and superior properties as it enters into thermal and electrical conductors, It’s the key of innovation in transportation system solutions, healthcare and sustainable buildings.
Copper is a crucial resource for manufacturing and economic growth due to its unique properties.



Chromium is considered one of the most important economic minerals, its economic value lies in its value as a strategic metal with a wide range of uses. The most important applications are: The manufacture of non-ferrous alloys to resist corrosion and oxidation, metal plating, dyes and leather processing.
In the mountains of Inqasna, around 600 km south east of Khartoum, Nubba Mountains and the red sea mountains in Sudan chrome deposits have been identified.


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Since energy is the most important factor for our business and operations, as part of its strategy to diversify in its business portfolio; RIDA entered in the energy sector, investing in petroleum products trade to catch with the growing energy market and increasing demand in the region .

RIDA started with petroleum products in Sudan where its been registered as fuel importer, and built a wide network of suppliers and distributors, across the country that will allow us to access almost every large consumer in Sudan while its passing a continuously growing demand for petroleum products

RIDA is operating in different  African countries, such as Guinea, Eritrea, Morocco and is exploring other potential African counties for the investment in natural resources development, with one of the main added values that RIDA brings to its partners is its network of fuel suppliers which helps businesses sustainability in these remote locations.

The range of products for petroleum trade covers GASOIL, LPG, MOGAS, HFO and JET A1.

During its sustainability journey since 1993; RIDA have been working in many aspects to put human first, and with the global transformation towards clean and green energy m RIDA started its energy sector that include the renewables as the next source of power generation to support not only the mining sector in Sudan but also other industrial and agricultural sectors, our initiative of GREEN MININIG started with encourage many other mining companies to invest in transformation to solar PV to reduce the carbon emissions from the mining industry and also add value by providing alternative sources of energy to these growing industries, RIDA have already built strong relations with many developers in the renewable energy industry and is moving fast towards becoming one of the largest private power producers in Sudan .  The environmental advantages of renewable energy, including lower carbon footprint and reduced air pollution have been widely known for decades. Its numerous socio-economic benefits, however, have only become apparent in recent decades as the deployment of renewable energy technologies has become more widespread.

REMED engineering offers Engineering, Procurement Construction and Commissioning services for mining projects. Our engineering team consists of highly trained and talented designers from different engineering backgrounds and have worked in designing several precious-elements extraction projects, ensuring the customers satisfaction through implementing the cutting-edge technology applying the latest international standards in mining engineering.

Research and development play an important role in the innovation process and is also a key factor in developing new technologies. Currently, the focus of research and development is on down-stream activities, especially on the extractions and metallurgical techniques, as there is a demand for new innovative technologies that take into considerations the environmental impacts, water, energy and emission constrains.

Explorations activities are currently conducted in three countries with six blocks in total, including two blocks in Sudan, three blocks in Guinea and one block in Eritrea.

We provide professional multidisciplinary services to support all aspects of mine development, from exploration and feasibility to design, construction supervision, mine management, operational assistance and staff training. Additionally, our team has expert members to identify and troubleshoot operations-related difficulties and offers innovative solutions.

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  • Sample preparation facilities

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