CEO Message

“Human first” is RIDA’s core value, the two words epitomize our success story since 1993 in the mining sector. We strive to build upon our remarkable legacy of diversified minerals portfolio achieved through consistent commitment toward our people, environment, health, and safety practices.

RIDA Group aspires to be among the leading mining corporations in Africa, therefore, in 2020 we adopted an ambitious growth strategy to expand the Group’s value chain and strengthen our financial position. The cornerstones to our endeavor are our agility to exploit new investment opportunities in addition to our cumulative technological know-how from the past two decades.

RIDA has a tremendous commitment to the ECO systems, our historical progress went hand by hand with our never-ending exploration of innovative solutions to enhance the sustainability of our business. In 2011 RIDA was the pioneer of introducing an exploitation method to process the tailings of Artisanal gold miners which had a positive effect to reduce the mercury usage impact to the environment, the developed business model encouraged both the Sudanese government and private sector to expand their investment in the mining sector, which resulted in a revolution in the sector and quintupling Sudan’s gold production.

The group management is looking forward to enhancing the sustainability of the mining value chain, we support the utilization of state of art technologies and the effort of digital transformation as we’re stepping toward a promising future for the mining industry.