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Gold Mining Companies in Sudan

Gold and Gold Mining in Sudan

Sudan is very rich in minerals. It’s found in different areas across the country, starting from the far north in Wadi Halfa until Atbara and on the east part, Red Sea state. It’s also found in the west: south Kurdufan and Darfur. Gold mining in Sudan goes back to thousands of years ago; the country was named: the country of metal. There are several mining areas in Sudan, such as Ariab area and Gibeit area In the northeast. In north Sudan, mining is found in areas such as Al-abedeya and Abu-Hamad. There are many other areas in different locations across Sudan. International and local companies started their business in mining in Sudan, and these companies developed through the years, creating a new source of income and hard currency for the country. Rida company was one of the leading private companies in the gold mining field in Sudan.

Mining Companies in Sudan: RIDA Gold Mining Company

History of RIDA

Rida Group was founded in 1993, and it’s the first private mining company in Sudan. The company has shown progress during the past years and worked on developing its services and expanding its activities. Accordingly, the company started Chromite extraction in Angasana on 1996 and got Exploration licenses in Alebaidea in 2000. In 2009, the operations began in Al-Abedeya heap leach with a capacity of 3000 tons/day. In 2011, the company introduced a new section which was re-processing gold tailings. Finally, in 2014, the company established the CIL plant, which uses carbon in leach to extract the gold, and the factory worked with a capacity of 1500 tons/day. 

Expansion in Africa

Rida Group aims to be one of the top five mining companies in Africa. Therefore, it started to expand its operations in other countries outside of Sudan. As a result, the company acquired gold blocks in Eritrea: Agurdate and Kerkebet, five gold blocks in Guinea: three in Steller and two in TMK and 32 blocks in Morocco. 

RIDA Services 

RIDA provides several services to achieve its goal of becoming one of the top mining companies in Sudan. First, the company pays attention to research and development. It applies new methods and technologies that provide better results while keeping the environment and humans safe. The company also provides consultancy services with a team of professionals who work on all aspects of the mining process, starting from exploration of mines, designing and supervision, management and operational assistance and training of the employees. The laboratory services include mineral assay and sample preparation facilities to ensure the best results before starting. All these and more are the factors that put Rida Group on the top as it continues developing and expanding to become the number one mining company in Sudan and Africa.

Drilling Services

The drilling section at RIDA Group started its operation in 2003, aiming to provide the raw material for production in order to increase the capacity of the company’s plants. In addition, the group established Umdurman Mining Company which specialized in processing raw materials from exploration operations and mines.

RIDA Subsidiaries

Remed Engineering Company

Rida Group also has other subsidiaries such as R & R Company, ROHAX International company, Rida Engineering and Construction Co.LTD, Umdurman Mining Co.LTD, and other subsidiaries. Rida Group aims to take the mining industry to a new level. It’s done through other services provided to develop the mining process. For example, Remed Engineering Company is a subsidiary of Rida group that offers different services for mining projects such as procurement, construction, engineering, and commissioning services done by qualified engineers and experts with various backgrounds who are well trained and experienced in working on several projects using recent technologies with international standards in mining engineering.

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